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1st Cav “C” Company-2/5th
Welcome home!

My name is Jim Machin (Tree) I served in “C” company 2/5th, 1st Cav from Nov. 68 to Nov. 69, Second Platoon, Second Squad, and have been working to find the men of “C” company for a few years now. At this point I have talked with and have addresses or Emails for 390 guys, and have a database of some 1200 names of guys that served with this company from 1965 -1972.

If you would like to find an “old buddy”, perhaps I can help! I found your address or you found me by a long list of ways, but for the most part it's from the guys that were in C-2/5. If you have some old scraps of paper with a name or address on it I would be happy to add that to the database so others can share the information. Perhaps there's that one “ole” buddy that you have always said, "I want to talk to that guy some day". PLEASE Go to The Locator web site and enter your or your buddies’ names.
Locator Page. http://ccompany2nd5thlocator.org

Follow the instructions on the site and then see if I have your buddies from Nam listed. If your buddy is NOT listed and you have even small bits and pieces of information, please fill out a form on his behalf and enter your name in the “Content” box at the bottom. On this site you can check to see if the information I have about you is correct, and you can make any changes by clicking on the add info next to your name If your not there after searching for your name, click on INFORMATION FORM to enter your information.

All services are FREE to you. Everything I do is out of my own pocket and do not expect any monetary gain from all of this. The thing I get is that wonderful sound of a guys voice as we talk about, "how the heck did you find me?"

With the help of fellow C-2/5 Vets, we've put together Four reunions. I am truly sorry that I didn’t find you in time to let you know about the past events. The reunions were a great time and everyone agreed that we should do it again. The theme of the reunion was “Understanding because we were there”. We certainly did a great deal of understanding. A strong brotherhood was formed among the men of C 2/5, to include Medics, and FO’s. There was no animosity of enlisted men towards officers as some 15 officers were present. First name basis was established right away. This was clearly not the forum to “bury an old hatchet”, but one to unite us in brotherhood. The men poured over the research information, and photographs they brought to share. Conversation was lively to say the least. Smiles and Tears were the order of the day, as we had to say so long brother, at the end of the event.

Letters after the reunion have been touching, men have been telling me of the personal benefits from the unity that was formed after the reunions. The men suffering with PTSD were some of the guys that obtained the most from our gatherings.

If you don't want me to bother you with future letters or information I will respect your wishes. Please drop me a note and let me know.

If you do have E-Mail PLEASE let me know of the address and any changes, as it seems that many of you change E -Mail addresses more often the some change socks. E mail is much cheaper for me and improves my ability to reach out to all of you men of Company “C”.

Our “C” 2/5th now has a wonderful web site available for you to visit and get news and events, etc. anytime! It's changing every day so please check it out. There is a guest sign in area for you to leave a message to all the other guys, photos of us in Nam, and a Calendar of events from years 65 to 72. We will post any Reunion announcements. Our Web master Doug Young will be returning to the U.S. this summer and promises to show lots of new material on the web site.

 Webmaster is Doug Young CO of
 C 2/ in 1968



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